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Hoton Clay Club Competitions, Trophies and Classifications.


HCC has various competitions for members throughout the year, these can be seen on the Fixtures List hi-lighted in red.

Competition scores are taken from the first card scores only and cards can only be shot on the day. If you miss the shoot you are out! Visitors to the club can shoot on competition days but are not eligible to submit their cards.


Cooper Trophy  (Originally Donated by Cooper (Leics.) Ltd) 
30 Sporting with added current handicap. 
Total allowed to run beyond 30 if applicable i.e.  25 scored + 7 handicap = 32
In the event of a shoot off the entire 30 birds will be shot again with the handicap added as before, This is to prevent the situation where a single stand shoot off may favour one shooter over another. 
Should the members involved in the shoot off wish their next 30 bird shoot result can count as the shoot off score (all involved would have to shoot on the same day of course) any handicap added would be the one relevant on the day of the original shoot (in case the shoot off has run into a later handicap period. 
Jondor  Trophy   (Originally donated by John Emmerson) 
Same format as Cooper Trophy with the exception that the total score including handicap cannot go higher than a perfect result i.e. 30.
Shoot off as above. 
Sport Trap Trophy 
Shot over Sport Trap system (several shooters shooting as a squad in separate cages, taking birds in order)
Shooters to compete in their sporting class (AA,A,B,C)
Any shoot off to take place on a stand to be decided on the day (anyone who has left, loses by default)
Side by Side Trophy 
30 Sporting with only side by side configuration (any cal. up to 12 bore) shotguns to count in the result.
At present this is shot as an open shoot i.e. no classes or handicap, but may benefit from handicap addition (normally not enough entrants for classes to work)
Jim Marshall Memorial Trophy 
30 Sporting competition shot over normal layout with shooters competing in their normal classes. 

Shoot offs to take place on a stand to be decided on the day (anyone who has left looses by default)
Kate Stevenson Memorial Trophy 
30 Sporting competition shot over normal layout in the “Open” format i.e. everyone shoots as an equal (no handicap or classes)
Shoot offs to take place on the day on a stand to be decided on the day (anyone who has left looses by default)
Veterans Shoot 
Same format as Jondor Trophy, except shooters must be over 60 on the day. 
John Taylor Trophy (Originally donated by John Taylor) 
Regarded by some as the most valued trophy in the club, This trophy is awarded to the shooter who achieves the highest total of 1st & 2nd  places throughout the year. 

A shooter scores 2 points for the highest score on the day (all equal highest scores score the 2 points also) and the shooter / shooters who score the 2nd highest score on the day score 1 point.

John Taylor Clubman Trophy 
This trophy is awarded at the discretion of John Taylor in person to the shooter who, in his opinion has the most outstanding achievement i.e. shot particularly well above his or her normal level in a shoot during the year (It is not a competition trophy as such) 
Semco Trophy 
This trophy is awarded to the shooter who has improved the most since the end of the previous season. The year end average percentages are used to decide on the winner. 
Lady's Trophy (donated by John and Jacquie Owen in 2010) 
As per the JondorTrophy. 
Norman's Quarterly Knock Out 
Rules to follow 
Frank Spence Memorial Trophy ( Donated by Rob Spence and family)

25 Bird sporting pigeon flurry. Single shooter, no re-entry, no loaders and autos and pumps restricted to 2 shot. 4 traps release 25 bird sequence from the flush controller to land in front of the hide at approx 20 yards. Two traps behind and two traps in front. No handicap or classifications. Highest score of the day wins. If there are two identical scores at the end of the day those two shooters may repeat the sequence until a winning score is established. If either shooter has left the ground before the tie is established they forfeit their chance to shoot off.

Classification Rules.

The Classes are calculated as follows :-

At the end of each 3 month period starting on January 1st.

Every shooters scores are used to create a percentage figure, these are then listed in descending order and the top 5 or 5% whichever is the greater will be classed “AA”, the next 25% will be “A”, The next 30% will be “B” and the remainder will be “C”

Any member who has not put in a score during the previous 3 month period will retain their previous class and the number of shooters in such a class will be reduced accordingly i.e. if 25% in “A” class = 15 shooters and two have kept their previous “A” classification then only 13 more will be added to retain the correct percentage.


The Handicaps are calculated as follows :-

Using the percentage figures referred to above the following list is used to calculate a handicap figure which is added to the shot score on handicap style shoots.

  % H/Cap

100 - 97 = 0

  96 - 91 = 1

  90 - 85 = 2

  84 - 79 = 3

  78 - 73 = 4

  72 - 67 = 5

  66 - 61 = 6

  60 - 55 = 7

  54 - 49 = 8

  48 - 43 = 9

  42 - 37 =10

  36 - 31 =11

  30 - 25 =12

  24 - 19 =13

  18 - 13 =14

  12 - 7 =15

  7 - 1 =16

Should a shooters percentage be something like 72.13 % then their Handicap would be 5 and should it be 72.76 % then it would be 4 i.e. up to 72.50% is rounded down and over 72.50 % is rounded up.

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